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in sports represents a versatile platform designed for athletes, bettors, organizations, and fans who find interest in sports as an opportunity for entertainment and investments.


We believe that major league sports should be accessible to everyone. And we mean business when we say that our mission is to create an innovative ecosystem capable of placing sports careers, visions, and enjoyment on the fast track.


By injecting the innovations of blockchain into the sports industry, we intend to take transparency, security and authenticity of data to an entirely new level. The BCS ecosystem shall serve as a reliable tool for athletes, coaches, sports organizations, and fans, giving them access to information vital for advancing their careers.



A native EVM-compatible blockchain built on the Substrate framework – the Atleta Network, interoperable with all existing networks.

The use of a native and versatile blockchain makes the BCS Blockchain Sports Ecosystem more scalable, transparent, and accessible to a broader audience of users, ranging from athletes and sports organizations, to fans and sports data providers.



The Atleta Network is aimed at creating a specialized, secure, and decentralized environment tailored for the sports industry.

CHAIN Information

Native coin


Payment for Gas


$ATLA coin for paying for gas in the Atleta Network. Gas is required to perform various transactions and smart contracts on the platform.

Voting & Governance


$ATLA native can also be used to participate in voting on network governance issues. This includes voting on proposals to change the protocol or other key decisions regarding the future of the Atleta Network blockchain.

Participation in Staking


$ATLA holders can participate in staking of tokens, which allows them to earn interest on their investments, and nominators also participate in maintaining the security and stability of the network.

Support for dApps and Smart Contracts


Atleta network offers a platform for the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. $ATLA coin are used to pay for services and features associated with these applications.



Q1 2024

    Blockchain Website:

    Create a dedicated website for the project, providing information, updates, and resources.


    Start of big marketing campaign with football legends.

Q2 2024

    Scouting Service:

    Develop and launch a scouting service to identify potential collaborations and market opportunities.

    Blockchain Testnet:

    Deploy the blockchain testnet for initial testing and development.

    DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Testnet:

    Launch a testnet for the DEX, allowing for trial runs and user feedback.

    Airdrop Campaign:

    Start an airdrop campaign to incentivize community engagement and attract users.

    Explorer Testnet:

    Release a blockchain explorer in testnet for transaction tracking and analytics.

Q2 2024

    Bridge Testnet:

    Implement a testnet bridge for interoperability with other blockchains.

    Staking Testnet:

    Test staking protocols and mechanisms.

    Liquid Staking Testnet:

    Initiate liquid staking mechanisms on the testnet.

    Wallet Testnet:

    Develop and test a digital wallet for holding and managing cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Q3 2024

    Football NFT Marketplace:

    Launch a marketplace specifically for football-related NFTs.

    First Football NFT Sale:

    Conduct the first sale of football NFTs, attracting sports enthusiasts.

    Blockchain Mainnet:

    Migration from testnet to mainnet, marking the project's full operational launch.

    DEX Mainnet:

    Bring the decentralized exchange to mainnet.

    Explorer Mainnet:

    Upgrade the blockchain explorer to mainnet for enhanced user experience.

Q3 2024

    Bridge Mainnet:

    Implement the mainnet bridge for broader interoperability.

    Staking Mainnet:

    Launch staking services on the mainnet.

    Liquid Staking Mainnet:

    Enable liquid staking on the mainnet.

    Wallet Mainnet:

    Release the fully functional digital wallet.

    M&L/AI System:

    Introduce a monitoring and learning system for continuous improvement.


Our team

Dmitry Saksonov, CEO

Dmitry Saksonov, CEO

Background: Entrepreneur, BisDev, DeFi, IT&Software Development

Armen Tonoyan, CPO

Armen Tonoyan, CPO

Background: Crypto, NFT, Project Developer, AI enthusiast

Pacaciya Yason, CTO

Pacaciya Yason, CTO

Background: DeFi, Crypto, IT&Software Development

Alexis Grigorevs, CMO

Alexis Grigorevs, CMO

Background: Performance marketing, Crypto, IT, Finance

Olga Fritzler, CFO

Olga Fritzler, CFO

Background: Finance, EdTech, Crypto, IT, marketing

Max Prudnikovas, UX

Max Prudnikovas, UX

Background: DeFi, NFT, Bridges, dApps, web3, Crypto

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